Sisters Say

"I joined DFL mainly because I wanted to find people I could bond with and gain a connection with. Coming into ISU, I felt like an outcast because I did not know anyone and it was hard to make friends because everyone already had their own groups. I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and attempt something new, and I heard that DFL was having their recruitment week and made it a goal of mine to attend. I remember feeling so welcomed by all of the sisters, and it was something that I had not experienced from the other clubs and events that I took part in which made DFL stick out to me the most. I am extremely glad that I decided to join DFL because I never would have met this remarkable group of women without it." -#36 BLIИK

"I joined DFL to regain touch with my Asian heritage, as I am adopted and didn't experience it when I was growing up. I also knew that I wanted to give my time back to my community and create meaningful bonds. I hope to continue to grow and have good times with my sisters!" -#30 Aurelifera

"I joined Delta Phi Lambda because I want to be a part of a community that values me and my culture. I was only ever friends with Bangladeshis, so when I joined Delta Phi Lambda, I met so many people from different asian backgrounds. I love learning about different cultures in the Asian community. It is very comforting knowing that I have my sisters who will love and support me. Delta Phi Lambda is truly a home away from home!" -#37 Nymphaéa

"As someone who grew up around other Asians, stepping onto campus and realizing I am part of the minority made me feel out of place. Joining Delta Phi Lambda made me feel like I belong. Alongside cultural similarities, I joined DFL because of our bond as sisters. I love knowing that my sisters have my back and I have theirs." -#29 Vicí