New Chapter

Two more weeks until I graduate from Iowa State University with my bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. Although I am very excited to finish my college education, thinking about the future still makes me nervous. I will likely accept one of the job offers I have and start working from home at the beginning of next year. Once the offices open again, I will probably relocate away from Ames, the town full of my laughter and tears from the past 4 years.

Talking about graduation, my past experience was probably not one of the common ones. I still get a little emotional every time I think about my middle school graduation. I was definitely not ready to leave and did not know how to say goodbye. Graduation for high school was practically non-existent for me since I took the last year off to study English and prepare for college applications. Now I am facing college graduation, it feels different. Living in the apartment I rent and driving the car I bought, knowing that I made every decision by myself makes me confident that this time I am as ready as I can be. Leaving is never easy but I feel lucky to have things that make it so hard for me to leave. Plus, this time I do know how to say goodbye, and how to stay in touch.

Onto the new chapter of my life, before starting my full-time job I would like to travel. I want to go to different hiking places, visit friends, and find joy in simple things.

Written by Sharon "ERLebnisse" Li


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