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Cautious, but Creative!

Never in a million years did I think I would be living in a pandemic. It has definitely impacted my perception of life. For starters, I never believed I'd be alive to see such an event. It happened so fast and without warning! Not only has daily life been affected, but it changes how I communicate with others around me. This pandemic has made me conscious of my cleaning habits, and also reminds me to be safe around others in return. Most importantly, it is important to be aware and follow the safety guidelines. Doing so, I know that I am taking care of myself and not spreading it to loved ones.

A positive that came from the virus is the disappearing stigma of wearing masks in public. It is fun to be able to customize something that represents one's interests. The surge in sewing and creative works brings joy to my heart. Even though it was saddening and stressful to be out of work, it gave me time to explore mask creativity with my family. The pandemic gave my family and I the time to reconnect without the stresses of fast paced life. In the end, the COVID-19 pandemic caused horrible circumstances, but from it I made do with what I could.

Written by Kati "Paradisayuan" Haus


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