Returning to Campus During Covid-19

Before I moved back on campus, I was a bit nervous and scared because of the coronavirus. I wasn’t sure how the college would handle the education process during a pandemic. I felt relieved knowing that there was a plan for students who tested positive. However, I was still on edge during the first month of school. After getting used to the environment, I started feeling less nervous. I appreciate all the university’s efforts to maintain sanitized spaces and mask policies. But, I wish there would be consistent testing for all the students as well as stricter social distancing policies in dining halls and other public spaces.

On a more personal level, I was happy to be around my Sisters and friends again on campus. My freshman year was cut short, so I never really got to experience a normal year of college. Although it may not be the same, I know I still have my Sisters’ support through tough times like these. So, in terms of my social life, being back on campus made me happier and improved my mental health.

Written by Ingrid "Vicí" Guevarra


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